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The Mercer Public Library Board of Trustees will be seeking at least one new member this year. Board members are appointed for a three-year term, and service usually includes one regular meeting per month for approximately two hours plus optional attendance at library events and representation at town and county government meetings when library issues are at hand. 

The composition of a municipal library board is governed by Wisconsin Statute 43.54, which states that up to two (2) members of a town library board may be residents of other municipalities. All current members of the library board are residents of Mercer, which means that applicants for the open board position(s) do not need to reside in Mercer to qualify for appointment. 

Anyone who would like to serve on the library board should write a letter of interest to:

John Sendra, Mercer Town Chairman
2657W Railroad St. 
P.O. Box 149
Mercer, WI 54547

The deadline to apply has been extended to 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 20. Board members are appointed by the town chairman with the approval of the town board, and selection will be announced at the Mercer Town Board's regular meeting on December 21. 


From the Mercer Library Trustee Qualifications Policy:

The qualities that make an individual an effective library trustee are similar to those that make effective board members in other business, civic, and cultural undertakings.  It would be desirable that trustees have:

  • an awareness of the community;
  • willingness to devote time and talents;
  • ability to think clearly, question objectively, and plan creatively; and
  • a skill in communicating and cooperating.

In addition to the above attributes, an effective library trustee also displays:

  • an awareness and appreciation of the library’s past, present, and future role in the community;
  • a willingness to become more knowledgeable about library services and standards of operation;
  • an ability to represent the library in public forums, to act as an advocate for the library, and to reflect the concerns of the public at Library Board meetings; and
  • skill in developing library policies.

The individuals who possess these qualities and who come together to comprise the library’s board of trustees should collectively represent:

  • a diversity of interests;
  • a balance of age, race, sex, and socioeconomic levels;
  • a variety of occupational and personal backgrounds.

The library board recommends that letters of interest should also include a brief statement as to why they would like to serve as a trustee and what strengths or attributes they would bring to the position.

For questions about serving on the library board, contact library director Teresa Schmidt at 715-476-2366, library board president Judy Bugni at 715-476-3511, or Mercer town clerk Christan Brandt at 715-476-2403. 

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