The Mercer Public Library Reading Room and Friends of the Library Room are available to reserve for use by individuals or organized groups in the library service area. These rooms may be used at no cost by local individuals, community organizations and nonprofit groups. Individuals or businesses who wish to charge admission for attending an educational program in the library's meeting space will be charged a $25 room use fee.

To reserve, call the library at 715-476-2366.

Seating is limited in the library's meeting space. For larger groups, consider using the Mercer Community Center, which is connected to the library. Reservations for the Community Center are handled by the Mercer Town Clerk, 715-476-2403.


Reading Room and Friends of the Library Room policy

The Mercer Public Library Reading Room and Friends of the Library Room are available to reserve for use by individuals or organized groups in the library service area.

Rooms may be used for:

  • Meetings by area residents, organizations, businesses, and visitors;
  • Free presentations, group discussions, workshops, and similar functions open to the public;
  • Educational classes and workshops, including those that charge a fee for admission;
  • Organizations engaged in educational, cultural, governmental, or charitable activities.

Rooms may not be used for:

  • Any purpose that interferes with the normal operation of the library;
  • Events where products or memberships are sold, except for educational classes or workshops that offer materials or tools related to the class for sale; or
  • For-profit businesses or individuals to conduct regularly scheduled office hours.

Making a reservation

  • The Library Director shall accept reservations for the available rooms and ensure that reservations meet the criteria in this policy. A group or individual denied a reservation by the Library Director may appeal that decision to the Library Board.
  • Library programming and Friends of the Library activities will have priority for use of the Reading Room or Friends of the Library Room. Other reservations are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.
  • Reservations may be made up to one hundred eighty (180) days in advance, or up to one year in advance in the case of annual meetings.

Fees for room use

  • Individuals, community organizations, and registered nonprofit groups may reserve either room at no charge. For-profit organizations and businesses who wish to use the room for non-commercial purposes (e.g. meetings, training sessions, etc.) may reserve either room at no charge. Donations are gratefully accepted.
  • For-profit groups or individuals who intend to charge an admission fee for attending an educational activity held in the library shall be charged a $25 fee for use of the room.
  • Cancellation of a room reservation must be made 24 hours in advance of the meeting date for return of fees, unless cancellation is caused by weather or unexpected library closings.

General guidelines

  • Groups using the room shall leave it in a neat, clean, and orderly condition. Failure to do so may result in the denial of future room reservations.
  • The library does not assume any liability for groups or individuals attending an activity in the library. The library is also not responsible for any equipment, clothing, or other items brought to the library by any group or individual.
  • Meeting rooms are available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.
  • The library may include any activities that are open to the public on its online library calendars at the request of the organizers.


The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the library staff, the Mercer Public Library Board of Trustees, or the Town of Mercer.


Revised December 11, 2017

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